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How to Build an Offensive Cyber Program, w/ Daniel Moore

What does it take to build a top-tier national offensive cyber program? Getting the ability to shut off or tamper with enemy networks in pursuit of exact objectives is no mean feat. Success demands a smart investment in tools, people, expertise, operations, intelligence, vulnerability research, military doctrine, and the patience to integrate it all together well.

That’s what we spent 2 days together learning to do!

Daniel Moore,  author of Offensive Cyber Operations: Understanding Intangible Warfare, walked us through the step by step process to create an offensive cyber program, from establishing requirements, to creating operational capacity.

We explored the powerful intersection of signals intelligence, human intelligence, and network operations, and examined how cryptography researchers, malware developers, and operators work together to develop access solutions with impactful, surgical effects.

Some scenes from our intensive 2-day workshop together:

Daniel Moore lecturing on the complexities of cyber-warfare during day 1 of the intensive workshop.
Johns Hopkins SAIS students and faculty during a wargaming operation simulation exercise.