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The Alperovitch Institute

A New Frontier for Cybersecurity Policy

Cybersecurity is the most pervasive and persistent security challenge of our time. From disrupting free and fair elections to strategic theft of intellectual property, cybersecurity threats have cross-cutting implications for national security, commerce, and international affairs. The shift to the digital theater presents an acute and pressing need for best-in-class MA and Ph.D. programs that intertwine cybersecurity and statecraft to produce leading professionals and scholars in this emerging and high-demand field.

About Alperovitch

Dmitri Alperovitch is a world-renowned expert and pioneer on technology and policy, and co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer of CrowdStrike, a cutting-edge cybersecurity company. Mr. Alperovitch has spent his career on the front lines of cyber conflict, identifying, naming, and countering nation-state, criminal, and terrorist cyber threat actors.

Mr. Alperovitch’s vision is to establish the Alperovitch Institute, in partnership with Johns Hopkins SAIS, as a peerless center of excellence in research and education. The Institute will host the best students, scholars, practitioners, and donors in the field to create the preeminent academic institution in the field. The Institute aims at paradigm-shifting research and instruction at the intersection of technology and statecraft. By pairing Mr. Alperovitch’s singular expertise, industry relationships, and long-term financial and personal commitment with the unique assets of The Johns Hopkins University – primarily in SAIS but also in the Whiting School of Engineering and the Applied Physics Laboratory – the Alperovitch Institute places Johns Hopkins at the vanguard of the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity and international affairs.  

Launch of the Alperovitch Institute at Johns Hopkins SAIS

We are driven by values

To understand what is happening in cyberspace, you have to understand what’s happening in the world. We are committed to fielding the next generation of cyber security and diplomatic leaders.