The Alperovitch Institute has launched a new initiative that will work with the Johns Hopkins Supercomputer ARCH (Advanced Research Computing at Hopkins) to enable research, creative projects, and learning that require the use and development of advanced and high performance computing.

“This initiative enables us to explore computationally intensive cybersecurity and machine learning challenges to answer key geopolitical and international relations questions in new and innovative ways,” said Elly Rostoum, Alperovitch Institute Managing Director.

The initiative will provide outstanding collaborative scientific support to empower computational research, scholarship, and innovation. Led by Alperovitch PhD Fellow, Martin Wenddingensen, some of our initial areas of research include mapping and monitoring open-source repositories, automated vulnerability patching, and Natural Language Processing to expose disinformation and predict geopolitical tensions.

ARCH operates with a capacity of 1.9 Petaflops per second and is one of the top 500 supercomputers in the world. Other collaborators at Johns Hopkins University include researchers working on NASA and NIH research projects.

An outside view of the Advanced Research Computing at Hopkins (ARCH) Facility.