The Alperovitch Institute is delighted to offer the advanced workshop, Build-A-Cyber Workshop: Creating & Maturing a National Offensive Cyber Program, which will be taught by Daniel Moore. 

Dates: 2 DAYS – Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22, 2024
Location: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Center, 555 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC
Time: 10 – 4PM

Johns Hopkins SAIS students, please apply here by Friday, June 7, 2024.

Non-Johns Hopkins/SAIS participants, please contact our Managing Director, Prof. Elly Rostoum ([email protected]).

Course Description:

Build-A-Cyber Workshop: Creating and Maturing a National Offensive Cyber Program

What does it take to build a top-tier national offensive cyber program? Getting the ability to shut off or tamper with enemy networks in pursuit of exact objectives is no mean feat. Success demands a smart investment in tools, people, expertise, operations, intelligence, vulnerability research, military doctrine, and the patience to integrate it all together well. All over the course of decades.

This workshop goes step by step in creating an offensive cyber program. We start with nothing, establish requirements, and soon create an initial operational capacity. In the absence of homegrown capabilities, we will learn how to buy turnkey solutions and use them well, and tap into existing national resources. Our program will become successful without sophisticated tooling. 

As we mature, we can explore the powerful intersection of signals intelligence, human intelligence, and network operations. Our cryptography researchers, malware developers, and operators will work together for creative access solutions. Quiet access to sensitive targets becomes increasingly possible; as does creating impactful, surgical effects. 

Gradually, we will integrate capabilities into clandestine and military use. As our program matures, it will fold the military-industrial complex to create tactical cyber solutions for our weapon systems. It is vital to harness academia to employ niche research to create destructive or manipulative effects in critical infrastructure and enemy military hardware. 

By the end of the workshop, our offensive cyber program would be effective, scalable, and nimble. On notice, an infantry squad half-way around the world can shut down a local network. Elsewhere, a year-long program covertly corrupts a regional air-defense network through bespoke tooling initially delivered by a human agent.

About Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore is the author of Offensive Cyber Operations: Understanding Intangible Warfare. He has over 20 of experience at the intersection of technology, intelligence, and cybersecurity. Daniel has held roles in the public and private sectors, including with the Israeli military, IBM, Accenture, and Meta.

Daniel has taught and published extensively on security issues, and holds a PhD from King’s College London.